Church sexton

Redeemer Lutheran Church, Columbus

The sexton, or custodian, is a part-time position (approximately 20 hours per week) employed by the Congregation Council. The sexton will provide for the operation and minor maintenance (only non-licensed repairs) of mechanical systems; ensure the aesthetic appearance of the building and grounds, including cleaning of the building and grounds, trash and recycling disposal in the building and on the grounds; coordinate the ordering/receiving of supplies and equipment; coordinate contracts with routine maintenance and supply companies regarding fire, safety, security, pest control, lawn care, an elevette, snow removal, trash pickup, etc.; carry out necessary logistics for events on the church calendar (chairs/tables, lighting, etc.); provide other building and grounds tasks not provided by contract services and/or volunteers (e.g., replacement of light bulbs, returning the facility to a neat and orderly state following services/events, disposal of rubbish, etc.)

To apply, please contact Becky Trover at 614-237-1263 or Applications are due by September 30, 2017.

To learn more about Redeemer Lutheran Church, please visit their website at

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