Music and Arts Director

First Lutheran Church

An excellent opportunity for an ambitious professional to imagine and build a music and arts program for a vibrant and growing urban church community in downtown Cincinnati.  The core of the arts program is musical, but will reach out into spoken, visual, dance, mime or other forms of creative performances.

First Lutheran Church on Washington Park in Over-the-Rhine Cincinnati seeks a skilled and talented music and arts director who will create an excellent experience for members and visitors.  This person will grow our music program from a single instrumentalist to an ensemble of quality instrumental and vocal musicians.  Other arts programs and resources will be added, as well.  This role can be either part-time or full-time, depending on final determination of duties. 

Specific Accountabilities (for a part-time position)

Music Director:  Create energetic, refreshing and varied musical experiences for worship services.  Involve both member and guest musicians.  Musical program will be engaging for existing members and attractive to visitors that demonstrates First Lutheran’s vitality and passion for “Sharing the Love of God”.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Select or arrange all music for worship services, in coordination with pastor for the liturgical settings and with the staff pianist.
  • Develop a set of regular and rotating musicians, both internal and external, capable of creating a tight ensemble for weekly worship services.
  • Rehearse the musicians and vocalists, and direct the performances.  This includes coordination with professional guest performers, such as brass ensembles, vocal quartets, solo instrumentalists, etc.
  • Manage sound equipment and evaluate and purchase new equipment as needed.


Worship Planner:  Design artistic and engaging liturgical elements and assist pastor with planning worship and special services.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Select and coordinate special performing arts presentations, speakers, and/or other features for certain liturgical elements.
  • Produce and print weekly worship folder.
  • Assist with operating video equipment and evaluating periodic purchases of new equipment for worship services.

Optional Accountabilities (to expand role to a full-time position)


Special Event Planner:  Plan and manage periodic events held in the church, including concerts and other performing arts productions.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Coordinate advance preparations for performances including plans for equipment unloading, stage setup, volunteers for ushers, and related needs.
  • Supervise church volunteers and serve as performer liaison during performances.


Social Media Coordinator:  Assist with updating Facebook and church website to keep community informed of activities and engaged with church.  Post calendar events and photos.


Skills, Experience and Attitude

  • Skilled musician and/or music educator with formal music education, either instrumental or vocal, and five years of public performance experience.  Music arranging and conducting skills are a plus.
  • Skills and interest in a variety of musical styles that will be appealing in an urban Christian environment.
  • An effective leader in a church environment that includes both professional and volunteer musicians and worship assistants.
  • Exposure to a liturgical worship format is a plus, either as a musician or as a church member.
  • Experience with music amplification and PA equipment.
  • A flexible, cooperative attitude and willingness to assist in a variety of ways as needed. 


For additional information and to submit an application, please contact Pastor Brian Ferguson at or (715) 781-1962.

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