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Note to the synod: 2nd quarter mission support thank you

The following letter, along with your congregation's mission support report for the second quarter of the 2017 fiscal year, were sent to your pastor and congregational council the week of August 21. We appreciate your support of ELCA and Southern Ohio Mission Territory ministries and for your partnership in the Gospel.

Grace and Peace be with you in the name of Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord.

Please share this letter with your congregation.

Thank you for your partnership in our joint ministry as brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ in the Southern Ohio Mission Territory. We are Stronger and Better Together particularly as we equip ourselves to Join Jesus in the restoration of the world.

Thanks to your generosity, we have launched two initiatives that equip lay people in their baptismal calling to share their faith and serve their neighbors. So far this year, five Fishing for People evangelism workshops have assisted about 140 people from 20 congregations consider the importance of moving beyond a culture of passive hospitality to a culture of active invitation. They have identified their own faith stories for sharing with others. Another workshop is scheduled for September 23, at Augsburg Lutheran Church in Cincinnati. Why not join us?

Inspired by the request and response of lay people answering God’s call to serve their homebound congregational members, we began a Synod Lay Eucharistic Ministry program. For those unable to gather in worship in their congregation, this is one way we can connect to each other and carry the body and blood of Christ from the congregational table to the homes of those unable to gather with the community of faith. So far this spring and summer, we have trained 90 people from 16 congregations. We plan two additional trainings in 2018 in the far east part of the territory and in Cincinnati. Watch for details!

In the coming months, it is my hope and prayer that you take advantage of the opportunities in your communities to connect, share, invite and let the light of the Gospel of Jesus shine in and through you in our world that needs the Good News. 


Bishop Suzanne Darcy Dillahunt

Pastor Katie Kerrigan, Director for Evangelical Mission

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