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Stephen Ministry Workshop invitation-October 21

Our friends to the north of us have extended this kind invitation to join them in a special Stephen Ministry training on October 21, 2017.

Good Hope Lutheran, Bucyrus, currently has ten congregation members serving as Stephen Ministers. Our church is grateful for the support these well-trained folks provide to help ensure that the needs of hurting people are met in our congregation and community. Stephen Ministers are sometimes described as “after people”—they are there after the funeral when everyone has left, after the relationship falls apart, after the diagnosis, after the last child drives away, after the baby arrives demanding more than anyone ever dreamed possible, after the handcuffs go on and a loved one is led away, after family and friends have heard the story one too many times. There are so many “afters” in our lives. Stephen Ministers provide comfort and support as long after as needed. 

If you think that a team of well-equipped lay caregivers might be what your church could use, but perhaps you aren’t exactly sure how that vision might be a reality in your congregation, Good Hope is offering  a half-day Stephen Ministry Introductory Workshop. One nice aspect of this workshop is that there are three sessions. One session helps participants gain hands-on ministry skills they can put to use right away through a sample of Stephen Ministry training (Ministering to Those Experiencing Grief), one session covers how to care in a distinctively Christian way, and one session helps you see how to bring Stephen Ministry to your congregation.

The cost is $15 a person or $50 for a group of four or more from your congregation.

This special workshop will be held on October 21, 2017 at Good Hope Lutheran, 129 W. Charles St.,  Bucyrus, from 9 AM to 1 PM, with check-in and refreshments beginning at 8 AM. To register, go to or call Stephen Ministries at (314) 428-2600.

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