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Don't forget to apply your tax exempt status to utilities and other purchases

For many parishes, this is the time of year your gas and electric utilities will switch your supplier. This will usually result in your parish being charged sales tax, from which you are exempt. As soon as you get notice your supplier has changed, you should send to the new supplier an Ohio Sales Tax Exemption Certificate. They can be obtained at portals/0/forms/fill-in/sales_ and_use/exemption_ certificates/ST_STEC_B_FI.pdf.

In addition, other vendors like Amazon Prime, offer a business account that allows you to order items tax free. Every little bit saved helps!

You should include the following wording in the reason box:

All purchases from this vendor support the Ministries of ________ Lutheran Church and are exempt from sales tax, per Section 5739.02 (B) (12) of the Ohio Revised Code.

(Be sure to insert your parish name in the blank space.)


Also, if you haven’t already, contact the Office of the General Counsel of ELCA (email for your “CERTIFICATION OF FEDERAL INCOME TAX EXEMPTION UNDER SECTION 501(c)(3)”. While your clergy and employees do have to pay federal income taxes, your parish itself is exempt.

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