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2018 Portico Annual Enrollment starts soon!

Greetings from Portico!

It’s time to look ahead to next year’s benefits. Portico’s 2018 Annual Enrollment starts soon. We invite you to get ready with these tips.

Understand your sponsoring employer’s role in Annual Enrollment. 
Between Oct. 2 and 27, every sponsoring organization will select one ELCA-Primary health benefit option to offer next year. If you help shape your organization’s budget, you may want to be part of this conversation. You’ll receive an email from myPortico notifying you of your employer’s selection. 

Consider your benefit choices.
Between Oct. 30 and Nov. 13, it will be your turn to make 2018 benefit selections. Most members have choices to make about health benefits, tax-advantaged accounts, life insurance, beneficiaries, and pretax retirement contributions. Your personalized Enrollment Guide is now available on myPortico to help you prepare. You’ll also receive information mailed to you in mid-October. 

> Review your Enrollment Guide

Know what’s changing with prescription drugs.
For members with ELCA-Primary Platinum+, Gold+, and ELCA Medicare-Primary coverage, generic prescription drug copayments will remain the same for 2018, but brand-name drug copayments will be replaced by 20 – 35% coinsurance, subject to a minimum and maximum per prescription. 

> Read more about this change

2018 Annual Enrollment is your opportunity to take stock of your ELCA benefits, consider how you use them to live well, and make choices for the year ahead. We look forward to serving you during this annual process.


Rachel J. Dexter
Director, Customer Care Center
Portico Benefit Services

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