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Fall ELCA Disabilities Newsletter shares how this ministry is making our church stronger

Hi, and thanks for your interest in and support of ELCA Disability Ministries! I’m Chris Ludwig, editor of the Disability Ministries Newsletter and member of the Disability Ministries Program Advisory Table (abbreviated as Advisory Table). This edition of the newsletter is focused on demonstrating how Disability Ministries along with young adult leaders like Emily Schmidlin ally and advocate, and how members of the Advisory Table have been working to achieve the goals of our program.

These goals are:

• Empowering leaders with disabilities within the church, showcasing potential and ability.

• Equipping synods, congregations and members with disability-related information and resources.

• Connecting and gathering people with disabilities in the church to foster inclusion and support.

Emily Schmidlin has contributed a summary of her experience at the Summer Institute on Theology and Disability, explaining how her attendance (made possible through a grant provided by Disability Ministries) reinforced and expanded her leadership accomplishments within the church, building on her prior ELCA leadership experience as a member of the Definitely-Abled Youth Leadership Event (DAYLE) Planning Committee. The Rev. Brian Krause, an Advisory Table member, describes how his presentation at the Western States Youth Gathering helped equip congregations with the information and resources necessary to welcome people with disabilities within the church.

Finally, Advisory Table members Anita Smallin and the Rev. Lisa Heffernan attended the 2017 Lutheran Services in America conference, working to connect and gather people in the disability community with advocacy and assistance groups within the church. I hope you enjoy the fall 2017 edition of the Disability Ministries Newsletter and that it sheds light on how representatives of Disability Ministries are accomplishing goals designed to make our church stronger, thanks to the presence and participation of people with disabilities.

Any donation or contribution you’re able to provide to Disability Ministries will be devoted to accomplishing the goals described above.

Thank you again for your support and interest, which is hugely appreciated.

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