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School’s Out, Camp’s In! MLK Retreat

Lutheran Memorial: Sunday - Monday: January 14-15, 2018

The kids are off school, but you have to work or you just need the day to catch up. This 1-night school holiday inspired retreat is perfect for a busy parent. Our heated retreat buildings (with access to bathroom) are perfect for our first time retreaters. Your kids will forget about the video games, strap on their boots and hike through woods. Without the distractions, your children will get creative with crafts, burn energy off in the gaga ball pit, open their Bibles and give praise and worship to God in chapel. Don’t waste this wonderful day off school in the house, spend it in the woods! Student Leaders are encouraged to attend and help lead and engage the younger students. Please provide 1 adult chaperone, per gender, for every 1-10 youth participants.

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