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Youth & Family Ministry E-bulletin December 15, 2017

Hopefully You Will Soon Get Some Down Time :)

We will keep the Christmas e-bulletin simple--Go do other stuff! 

Pastor Drew Tucker is the new Capital University Campus Minister. Looking for a good inexpensive overnighter for your High Schoolers? He is offering one Super Bowl weekend (February 2/3, 2018). Contact him at dtucker@capitaledu


Information for the High School Connect (Formally known as the Jacob's Porch Retreat) at Camp Kern March 2-4, 2018 will be sent out early January.

Go Do Other Stuff

Same goes for the Youth Gathering T-shirt information. The design and ordering information will be sent out early January.

So, Go Do Other Stuff

Information for opportunities for helping with our Youth Gathering Synod Day in Houston will go out early January.

So, Go Do Other Stuff

Oh FYI, The Bishop's Meet & Greet Sessions were the largest ever. Holding both daytime and evening opportunities were well received.


Then, If you want to think about something before you Go Do Other Stuff, then think about...


The Middle School MiX January 12-14, 2018 and


Something More: (Our Equipping Events) Save the Dates: Jan 20, Feb 9-10, March 17

  Link to the Basic Information

  Link to the Enrollment Form


And The Bishop's Youth Ambassador Program (Our Educational Events): Two Opportunities. RSVP to Gary. If you are going to Houston consider having your youth attend to get a glimpse of the wider church before next summer.

  • Sunday February 4 at Epiphany, Pickerington
  • Sunday March 18 at Trinity, Marysville

 Now, Go Do Other Stuff!



 Youth & Family Ministry Synod Calendar 



January 12-14: The Middle School MiX at Lutheran Memorial Camp

January 16-18: The Rostered Leaders Conference

January 20: Something More Session I at Epiphany, Dayton 10 am to 3 pm

January 26-28: Confirmation Retreat at Lutheran Memorial Camp

January 26-29: The Extravaganza in Houston, Texas

February 2-3: The Capital Bowl (7th through 12th Grades) at Capital University

February 4: Bishop's Youth Ambassador Program Epiphany, Pickerington

February 9-10: Something More Session II (Place TBD)

February 16: Youth Gathering Late Registration Fee Begins

February 16-18: Confirmation Retreat at Lutheran Memorial Camp

March 2-4: The High School Connect at Camp Kern

March 11: Maple Syrup Festival at Lutheran Memorial Camp

March 17: Something More Session III 10 am to 3 pm Good Shepherd, Cincinnati

March 18: Bishop's Youth Ambassador Program Session 3:30 to 6 pm at Trinity, Marysville

March 31: Southern Ohio Synod Youth Gathering t-shirt orders due.

April 13-14: Confirmation Retreat at Mowana

April 15: Free Day at Camp at Mowana

May 6: Free Day at Camp (Lutheran Memorial Camp)

May 13: Mother’s Day Lunch at Camp Mowana

May 15: Youth Gathering Registration Closes---All Payments Due

June 24-27: MYLE

June 24-27: The tAble

June 27-July 1: Youth Gathering



Everything below this line is for new folks and/or

those looking for easy links to ELCA resources




Sparkhouse offers multiple webinars every week

during the school year

Click Here

 Sparkhouse: sparkhouse develops faith formation resources for children, youth, and adults. They strive to spark new life in Christian communities through imagination and collaboration. Click Here to get to their main site or to see their new confirmation material: Click Here 


Goings On At 

Vibrant Faith logo


Visit Here For The Latest



And FYI, Youth Ministry Links...

Become aware of these ELCA Youth Ministry offerings...

The ELCA offers us much. Below are few ways our denomination helps us out at the Synod and Congregational level.


The ELCA Youth Ministry Network 

The ELCA Youth Ministry Network is a major part of our church. Here is their Mission Statement...

The ELCA Youth Ministry Network exists to strengthen and empower adult youth ministry leaders in service to Christ as a part of God's mission. 

They are a dues paying membership organization and are worth checking out.

Click Here for More Information 



Standard ELCA Links & Information


The Christian Education Network Of the ELCA (Formerly LACE)


ELCA Resources Home Page: Click Here 


Good Gifts: Click Here 
Malaria Campaign: Click Here

World Hunger Products: Click Here

Faith & Spirituality Products: Click Here

Global Mission Resources: Click Here

Social Issues Resources: Click Here

Stewardship Resources: Click Here

Young Adult Ministry Products: Click Here

ELCA Merchandise: Click Here


ELCA World Hunger Resources

The ELCA World Hunger Folks have some great resources including service learning guides, brochures, and various action campaigns to choose from. THESE ARE REALLY GOOD RESOURCES!

Click Here For Details




There are great resources at the ELCA Youth Ministry Network website for all stages of ministry with family and youth and it is free to you at Martin's List. Requires Membership to the ELCAYMNetwork.  



Lots of people and churches have been posting job opening, descriptions with the ELCA Youth Ministry Network. Please remember that the Network also has an updated service on the Network website to post positions, job descriptions, and contact information. Click Here 

Requires Membership to the ELCAYMNetwork.



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