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Attention Treasurers: New Congregational Remittance Forms ready for download

The Congregational Remittance Forms are updated and ready to be used starting February 2018. 

Download New Forms

Here's some reminders from our synod accountant for new and returning congregational treasurers:

1. The Southern Ohio Synod closes its financial 'books' on January 31, 2018. Only mission support and other donations received in the lockbox (PO Box) or the synod office by 3 pm on or before January 31 will appear in the 2017 giving reports. Anything received after January 31 will appear on the 2018 giving report. 

2. Some congregations will be receiving requests from Apple Growth Partners, the synod's auditing firm, to verify the giving statement for that congregation as recorded by the synod. This is an important part of our auditing process. Last year, many congregations did not respond to the request. The request letter is simple and straight forward and should take only a few minutes to review, respond and mail the response back to Apple Growth Partners. Please help us with this part of our annual audit. Thank you in advance!

3. Remember to ALWAYS put your congregation's ID number on the mission support remittance forms when submitting donations to the synod. We have multiple congregations with the same name, so it is difficult to know which St. Paul's or St. Peter's, etc. sent the remittance form without the congregation ID number. Please help us credit your donations to the correct congregation the first time! 

Questions about any of the above can be directed to Susan Barton-Nonno, or 614.464.3532, ext 5.

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