Campus Ministries in Southern Ohio

The campus ministries in Southern Ohio provide continued spiritual development and support to college-age youth from congregations across the United States. They also provide a place for young people to explore their faith and discover why being part of a faith community is so important.


Connect with Pastor Lynn Miller at The Bridge, Lutheran Campus Ministry at Ohio University The Edge

Coonect with Rev. Alice Conner at The Edge, Lutheran Campus Ministry at the University of Cincinnati


Jacob S Porch

Connect with Pastor Logan Dysart at Faith Lutheran Church Campus Ministry at Miami University (Oxford)

Contact with Pastor Grant Eckhart at Jacob's Porch, Lutheran Campus Ministry at the Ohio State University       


Connect with Pastor Shelley Nelson-Bridger       Connect with Pastor Rachel                         at the Campus Ministry at                                 Sandum Tune and Pastor Andy Tune at                    

                  Capital University                                       Wittenberg University

                  Capital University                                         Wittenberg University