“Blessed are you, O God, maker of all things. Through your goodness you have blessed us with these gifts: our selves, our time and our possessions. Use us, and what we have gathered, in feeding the world with your love, through the one who gave himself for us, Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord. Amen.”

Thus goes one of the offering prayers in the Evangelical Worship book. For me it lifts up some key insights about good Christian Stewardship:

1. Everything we have comes from God. We are caretakers of God’s stuff, which he has blessed us with to meet our needs and to allow us to partners with him in meeting the needs of others.

2. Stewardship is more than just what we do with money. Money is an important part of it, but it goes beyond how we use money to how we use our very lives in gratitude to God for His gracious love.

3. Good Stewardship is not about getting the most for the least, or finding the cheapest way to do things. God gave his very best to us, his only Son Jesus Christ, who willingly gave his very best, his life on the cross, for us.

Good Stewardship therefore doesn’t look for the “least” I can do, but rather the best I can do, in gratitude for God giving his best to us.

To the left are some links to resources to help you and your congregation develop an effective Stewardship ministry. In addition we have our Synod Stewardship Team, which focuses on increasing Mission Support to strengthen our partnerships with one another throughout the ELCA; and our Mission Interpreters who help tell the story of the lives that are changed through your financial gifts.


Demographic Reports

Click on the link below to read demographic reports compiled by the ELCA Churchwide Organization regarding the Southern Ohio Synod:

To order a demographic report for your zip code or county, click on the link below:

Census Report from the United States Government:

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ELCA Resources

The ELCA Stewardship webpage provides numerous resources in the following categories to help you with developing, promoting and maintaining a strong stewardship culture in your congregation. Those categories are:

  • Leadership
  • Care for Creation
  • Lifestyle
  • Finances
  • Spiritual Gifts
  • StewardNet

To access these resources go to:

Other Resources:

Where Does My Offering Go Infographic (8.5 X 14 PDF) 

ELCA Domestic Hunger Grants --

Stewardship of Life Institute --

United Methodist Stewardship Foundation Resources --


Mission Interpreter Ministry

We have a story to tell

Mission Interpreters tell the stories of how God is changing lives through our giving and we thank our members for their faithful giving that makes these stories possible!

These stories connect you, the members of  the ELCA, to the mission and ministry of our Southern Ohio Synod and of our ELCA Churchwide organization. These stories are abundant! They tell how your mission support dollars and your designated giving are being used by God to make a difference in the world. 

Very simply, Mission Interpretation is about telling and thanking! 

If you do not have a Mission Interpreter in your congregation you should!  Good candidates are people who are passionate about the work of the wider church, who are good communicators, and who use a computer and have email.

To learn more about the Mission Interpreter Ministry please contact Director of Evangelical Mission, Pr. Katie Kerrigan at

Consider joining our team!

MI Training Group Pic 2013

Current mission interpreters in the Southern Ohio Synod. Does your congregation have a mission interpreter?

  • Ms. Deb Baldwin First, Xenia
  • Mr. Chad Bender Covenant, St. Paris
  • Mr. Kerry Bierman All Shepherds, Lewis Center
  • Mrs. Jan Borchers St. Paul, Yorkshire
  • Mrs. Sharon Britton St. Paul, Newark
  • Dr. Mike Bruning Faith, Baltimore
  • Mr. Chris Cassel Trinity, Pitsburg
  • Deaconess Carmen Colon-Brown Vida Eterna-Iglesia, Fairfield
  • Mr. Tom Dobson Grace of God, Columbus
  • Mr. Herb Docken Reformation, Columbus
  • Ms. Chelby Dye Good Shepherd, Springfield
  • Ms. Arlene Dykeman Trinity, Columbus
  • Ms. Tammy Eady Zion, Middletown
  • Mrs. Cynthia Earley Faith, Wilmington
  • Mr. Todd Engen Fellowship, Columbus
  • Ms. Susan Fryer  Messiah, Reynoldsburg
  • Ms. Judith Gilbertson Good Shepherd, West Milton
  • Mr. Rick Hahn Triumphant Cross,Trotwood
  • Ms. Cindy Hill Grace, Lancaster
  • Ms. Jean Hovland St. Paul, Newark
  • Ms. Nancy Huston Faith, Jackson
  • Mr. Roy Johnson Good Shepherd, Cincinnati
  • Ms. Louise Johnston Zion, West Jefferson
  • Ms. Ann Jurkowitz Faith, Mt. Vernon
  • Ms. Robin Kaelin Zion, Hamilton
  • Ms. Bev Kinney Resurrection, Lebanon
  • Ms. Charlotte Kornmiller St. John, Logan
  • Mr. Will Lapp St. Paul, Franklin
  • Ms. Joyce Maddux-Jennings Emanuel, Logan
  • Ms. Nancy Martin St. Jacob, Anna
  • Ms. Karen McCandlish First English, Lancaster
  • Ms. Kathryn McKee St. Paul, Columbus
  • Ms. Kara Mendenhall Lutheran Church of Our Savior, Lancaster
  • Ms. Stephen Nierman St. John, Covington
  • Ms. Julie Pahutski Lutheran Church of the Resurrection, Cincinnati
  • Ms. Rhonda Peterson All Shepherds, Lewis Center
  • Ms. Michelle Riesbeck Pleasant City Parish, Pleasant City
  • Ms. Louis Robinson Zion, Hamilton
  • Ms. Jean Schweickart Peace, Arnheim
  • Ms. Jeff Semach All Shepherds, Lewis Center
  • Ms. Joan Slocum African International Lutheran Mission, Columbus
  • Ms. Teri Stackhouse Christ the King, West Chester
  • Ms. Willis Trainor St. Paul, Newark
  • Mrs. Ann Vosskuehler First, Springfield
  • Ms. Cindy Weikart First, Bellefontaine
  • Mr. Jim Winkler Zion, Danville

If you're interested in adding your name to this growing list of passionate mission interpreters, please contact Pr. Katie Kerrigan at

Resources for telling the story

Resource document-Various sites --  Mission Interpreter Resources On The Web