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The Collaborative: A new initiative by the Southern Ohio Synod created just for your congregation!

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The Collaborative is an initiative by the Southern Ohio Synod to walk with your congregation to hear God's mission for your community, and help you determine how you will respond to that call. Our mission is to equip leaders and their communities of faith to identify God's call for their congregation, build relationships, deepen faith, grow community, and respond to God's call.

Change is hard. But together we face that challenge.

In this effort you are not alone. Joined by congregations from across the synod, we will journey together to discover what God has in store for your community and how your church can play a part.

The Journey. Participating congregations will be placed in groups (cohorts). Together these cohorts will lead their congregations through a 24-month journey of discovery, assessment and action, including four 2-day training sessions facilitated by the Congregational Vitality Team, and accompanied by a congregational mentor as they work through a variety of developmental activities around God's plan for your community.

Cost: $100 per training session (Covers the cost of a 4-5 person team for each training. Meals provided. Lodging is not included.) Scholarships available.

Join us. Are you ready to respond to the mission that God has for your community? New cohorts will be signed up every 6 months.

Contact: Pr. Katie Kerrigan, Director for Evangelical Mission, at

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