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Augusta Victoria Hospital needs your help to continue its life-saving mission

Contributions to Augusta Victoria Hospital (AVH) will support the operating budget of the hospital, and thereby help to ensure that patients continue to receive treatment without interruption and continue to receive help with transportation to the hospital, accommodations (especially for Gaza cancer patients often needing to be in Jerusalem for many weeks), food, and psycho-social care. Read document below to better understand what your contributions to AVH will accomplish:

Sponsorship Document

The US government appropriated funds for AVH and the other East Jerusalem hospitals for FY2017 and FY2018.  The Administration chose not to release the 2017 humanitarian funding for the West Bank and Gaza (including the funding for the hospitals) in an effort to put pressure on the PA regarding the Administration’s still-to-be-revealed peace plan.  So the 2017 funding was lost due to the Administration’s decision.  The FY2018 humanitarian funding for the West Bank and Gaza is still available, but the Administration has not taken steps to have the funding released.  So we are continuing to ask Members of Congress to encourage the Administration to release the 2018 funds.  Otherwise, the 2018 funds could be lost as of September 30th 2019 as the 2017 funds were lost September 2018.

The ELCA provides ongoing support to Augusta Victoria Hospital in Jerusalem through ELCA World Hunger and Lutheran Disaster Response. Give now and your gifts will be used over and above our church’s ongoing, annual support in order to prevent interruptions to the lifesaving, critical care provided to children and other patients.


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