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Blessing of the Backpacks: 2020

Blessing of Backpacks

This blessing is suitable for a Sunday before school begins, and may be publicized for several Sundays beforehand. The ritual may be modified to include adults, who could be encouraged in advance to bring their laptops, PDAs, work boots, cell phones, or other tools of their trade. This blessing, however, focuses upon children starting the school year.

Have the children come forward at the appointed time, wearing their backpacks. Mark 10:13-16, Romans 12:4-8, or another appropriate scripture passage may be read once the children have gathered.

Dear God of Love and Wholeness,

As we get ready to start another year in school, whether in the classroom, at home, or in both,
we ask your blessing on these backpacks, tablets, laptops, and computers, but especially on these children who will use them.

As they do the very important work of being students, wherever they are being taught,
bless them with:

eagerness to learn, that their world may grow large;

respect for teachers and students; and

resilience in understanding their lessons in new and  different ways.

That they may form healthy relationships;

love for nature,

that they may become caretakers of your creation;

happiness when learning is easy

and stick-to-it-iveness when it is hard;

faith in Jesus as their best teacher and closest friend.

We ask that you would protect these, your own children.

In this time of caution and uncertainty, watch over them and keep them and their families safe.

As they learn, sometimes in different ways than they have learned before, help them also to discover the different gifts that you have given each one of them
to be used in your work in the world.

As they hear the many voices that will fill their days,
help them to listen most carefully for your voice,
the one that tells them you will love them always,
no matter what.

We ask this in Jesus’ name.



(This blessing is based on the Sunday and Seasons version of the traditional Backpack Blessing)


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