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As promised...A special sermon from our SOS Public Policy Director, Deacon Nick Bates for your Nov 22 worship service

As promised, below is a special sermon for you to use as part of your November 22 Sunday worship service...

Deacon Nick Bates serves as the director of the Hunger Network in Ohio - an ecumenical advocacy ministry that serves as our Lutheran State Public Policy Office for Ohio.The Hunger Network works to end hunger by addressing the root causes of poverty through advocacy.  Nick has worked with non-profit and faith-based organizations to end hunger, poverty, and homelessness in Ohio for more than 15 years by addressing public policy barriers at the local, state, and national level. 

Deacon Bates' sermon title is: God's love sends us to serve our neighbor

Click on the link below or copy and paste it into your browser to download or stream Deacon Bates' sermon.

Deacon Bates suggests the following hymns in the ELW to accompany his sermon:


Here is a digital copy (PDF and Word Doc) of the sermon that you can distribute to your members who don't have video access.

Deacon Nick Bates Sermon November 22 2020 PDF

Deacon Nick Bates Sermon November 22 2020 DOC

Synopsis: The elections are over, and as people of faith our work toward justice in the world continues. As siblings in Christ, members of the same family, how are we called to hear the voices of those who hunger and thirst in our world and show them the love that God has given to us all? 





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