Lay School of Theology

The Southern Ohio Synod's Lay School of Theology is a great way to empower gifted lay members in your congregation to grow spiritually and to share the insights they receive from these courses with others in your congregation. It's also a great way to make new friends and connections with others around our synod.

Biblical Archaeology: Unearthing the Past-Fall 2019 Chillicothe Campus

Genesis: The Beginnings of Faith Fall 2019 Dayton Campus


Recommended Reading and Resources

Below is a list of books recommended by Bishop Suzanne Dillahunt from her This is Most Certainly True: Experiencing Martin Luther's Small Catechism for Today class.

Christian Liberty-Martin Luther

What Lutherans Believe-W. E. Schramm  (Out of Print)

Giving to God, The Bible’s Good News about Living a Generous Life-Mark Allan Powell

365 Devotional Readings From Martin Luther, Through Faith Alone-Martin Luther

Lutheran Questions, Lutheran Answers-Exploring Christian Faith-Martin E. Marty

A Reformation Reader-Editor Denis R. Janz

Reclaiming the “C” Word, Daring to be Church Again-Kelly A. Fryer

Called to Lead,  A Handbook for Lay Leaders-Mark D. Johns

Reclaiming the “L” Word, Renewing the Church from Its Lutheran Core-Kelly A. Fryer

Lutheran Identity, A Classical Understanding-Frank C. Senn

Reclaiming the “E” Word, Waking up to Our Evangelical Identity-Kelly A. Fryer

On Being Lutheran, Reflections on Church, Theology, and Faith-Timothy F. Lull

Martin Luther’s Basic Theological Writings-Editor Timothy F. Lull

Lutheran Basics for Teachers-Beth Ann Gaede and Margaret Marcrander

Martin Luther-Peter Manns

Martin Luther, A Man Who Changed the World-Paul Maier

Martin Luther in Wittenberg-Martin Treu