Vision & Mission

Stronger and Better Together: Joining Jesus in the Restoration of the World

The Southern Ohio Synod consists of congregations, individuals, clusters, conferences, organizations and synod staff members who 'walk together in the way' of Jesus Christ to work toward God's purpose of restoring the world. We believe that together as a synod, we are able to accomplish things that we cannot do on our own. Indeed, the English word, 'synod,' is derived from two Greek words that denote the power of working together for a common purpose (syn - 'together' + hodos - 'way' = synodos).

We are stronger and better together! Please explore the rest of our website to find ways that we are joining Jesus in the restoration of the world.


Funding the Vision

If you would like to help fund the vision of the Southern Ohio Mission Territory through a personal donation now or in the future, please contact Mr. Chris Burnette, our synod's gift planner, at or (513) 509-8332.

You may also make a donation to mission support or synod ministries online by clicking HERE.

Your contributions make possible our ability to better Clarify our faith, Collaborate among ourselves and with our partners/affiliates and communities to spread the gospel and Cultivate the harvest God has set before us.

Our Vision & Values

Stronger and Better Together: Joining Jesus in the Restoration of the World

Here is the truth: We are all heading into the future whether we want to or not! This is frightening for many people because the future seems fraught by ever more rapid change and tumoil. Yet we, in the Southern Ohio Synod, choose to embrace the future for that is where our Lord Jesus Christ awaits us.

What might our future look like? It will be shaped by our Values and our Vision, which were developed in 2015 through a grass roots effort that integrated the dreams of hundreds of people across the synod, along with the ideas of a core group of lay and rostered leaders, who served on a Visioning Team, resulting in a plan that looks to the future with great hope and faith.

Here is an exciting glimpse into what the Bishop of the Southern Ohio Synod could be reporting in the year 2025, as we move forward in living the Values and implementing this Vision. Indeed, we invite you to boldly embrace the future with us as we head into the future--Stronger and Better Together: Joining Jesus in the Restoration of the World.

Mission and Ministry

We are a church that believes God is calling us into the world--together.

The mission and ministry of the Southern Ohio Synod is determined by, funded and carried out by the members of the Southern Ohio Synod. The Bishop's Office team directs and coordinates those efforts on behalf of the synod. 

In this section of the website you will find the Approved Mission and Ministry Plan (AKA M&M Plan) that is approved by our synod assembly and the Adjusted M&M Plan, which is approved by the synod's interim legislative body, Synod Council. You will also read more about our committees and our partners who are vital to carrying out the M&M Plans and helping us be church together.

Mission & Ministry Plan

2020-2021 SOS Mission & Ministry Plan

2019-2020 Mission & Ministry Plan

Fiscal Years 2017-2018 Mission And Ministry Plans (pdf)


Why do we need an 'Adjusted Mission and Ministry Plan?'

The Mission and Ministry Plan (budget) adopted by the Southern Ohio Synod Assembly is approved and adopted 7 months prior to the actual fiscal year in which the plan will be carried out. As such, an adjusted plan looks at actual income from the previous fiscal year, as well as estimates of giving provided by congregations for the upcoming fiscal year. The adjusted plan also looks at what various line items actually cost in the previous fiscal year and what may need to be added, removed or adjusted for the coming fiscal year.

Look here for Adjusted Mission & Ministry Plans as they are needed and approved by the Synod Council.

Quarterly and Year End Balance Sheet

SOS Financial Report-February through July 2017
2016 Balance Sheet (pdf)
January 31 2017 Financial Assets Available (pdf)