Youth & Family Ministry

Greeting from Gary

Greetings, in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

My name is Gary Pecuch and I am the Youth and Family Ministry Congregational Coach for the Southern Ohio Synod.  I am the first person to hold such a position for the Synod and I engage the role with great enthusiasm.

The position has been created out of response to the great need that we all share to pass on the faith to our young people.

The overall objective of the position is to provide assistance to congregations in the area of youth and family ministry focusing on developing healthy long-term sustainable ministries.

With such in mind, please browse our website for ideas, resources, networking, and event information pertaining to youth & family ministry.

The journey begins here...

Resource CD

Note that Gary produced a Youth & Family Ministry Resource CD. The lastest version of the CD was mailed to all Southern Ohio Synod congregations in April of 2014.

The CD contains 16 folders and over 100 files of information pertinent to youth & family ministry. Much of the information on the CD has been posted on this website; however, having the information on a CD in your possession makes for easy access to the information when you need it most.

And you are welcome to copy the contents of the CD to any church computer

Contact Gary to obtain another CD for your congregation.

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